New step in AE Partner’s growth strategy

After a very successful journey for AE Partner where our two owners over the last 15 years successfully have developed AE Partner to a leading company within our industry, we are now taking the next step in the overall strategy. Claus Ravn last year decided to step down from overall management and take up the position as Key Account Manager, referring to our CSO Hans Frederik Kristiansen.

This year Michael Holm has also decided that he will step down from his role as CEO and from company’s top management group. Michael will take on more operational position like strengthening the overall cooperation with customers and internally among departments. He will also contribute on maintaining and emphasizing company’s people minded culture and leadership development.

For more confident next step into the future Bo Ankerfelt has been hired to take the position as the CEO of AE Partner. Bo has many years of experience at CEO and general management positions in Danish and International companies. His latest contribution as CEO at the Danish international company DAFA A/S. Bo has lived 10 years outside Denmark in Malaysia, France, UK, and Italy.

Claus and Michael are very confident that Bo will be the perfect match for the organization that they have built, both in relation to our colleagues and customer.

Bo is already in the company getting to know the people and analysing AE Partners strategy, organization, and management systems to provide needed input as to strengthen organization for further continuance and sustainable growth strategy.

Starting from 24th of May 2018, Thomas Folmann has taken the position as new Chairman of the Board of AE Partner as part of insuring the growth and sustainable development process at AE Partner.

Claus and Michael are confident, that the right decisions are taken, and the new chapter of AE Partner story is about to be written, with even stronger and more confident continuation. As they say: “It doesn’t matter what position you take as long as you add the right value to the company”.