Status on Covid-19 impact on AE Partner

Fortunately, AE Partner’s main operation in Latvia is not affected by the spread of the Coronavirus.

Therefore, it’s functioning as usual, and we are producing all incoming orders as before.

As for our suppliers, we are monitoring the situation daily and placing extra orders on items where lead time has been affected. So far, no major disruptions are seen.

1. Travel ban for visitors to Latvia – this applies to AE Partner’s employees, suppliers, and customers. If required, any urgent tests should be held in the Danish office in Ry.

Exception – Lithuanian and Estonian residents. All customer representatives who arrive at the AE Partner from Estonia or Lithuania will be required to report negative COVID-19 test results received no earlier than one day before arrival for testing.

2. AE Partner’s employees in Denmark have returned to office, still attending external meetings via MS Teams / Skype.

All measures will be applicable for the next period of time but can be extended if the situation will not improve.