What differentiates us from the competitors is that our core values remain throughout the whole production process and are delivering the financial results for our customers as the production becomes faster and better when the team is committed to company’s values.

Discover how we can stand by you to help your business

We build our business on values such as mutual collaboration and trust to establish the manufacturing of world-class automation engineering products. 

We accompany our clients throughout the whole work cycle: from consultancy and planning phase until the installation and quality control processes. 

We provide service

We also ensure that our products and services are based on high-quality standards and required norms and are always aligned to our clients’ needs and requirements. 


By applying the most advanced practices, we specialize in providing high-quality automation engineering services, including:  

  • Engineering Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Implementation of Automation Systems

  • Maintenance and Service 

Our company continuously invest in training and upgrading employee LEAN know-how and manufacturing approach. Also, by maintaining focus and philosophy of such quality instruments like 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, PFMEA, and others, we achieve that our factory processes are predictable and agile in response to customers demand. 

By constructing a solar power plant, AE Partner increases energy efficiency

AE Partner Liepaja Special Economic Zone SIA, is implementing a project to build a solar power plant, which will allow approximately one-third of the electricity needed for the company’s production processes to be generated annually. The project is being implemented under the EU’s Next Generation EU initiative, with support from the financial institution ALTUM.

The project is part of AE Partner’s strategy to develop solutions that reduce the negative environmental impact and CO2 emissions of its operations. The construction of the solar power plant will result in a reduction of 20,860 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2).

The construction project of the solar power plant commenced on July 1, 2023, and its completion is scheduled for June 1, 2024.

The planned capacity of the solar power plant is 0.2 MW, with a total planned annual electricity generation of 191.34 MWh, constituting approximately one-third of AE Partner’s total annual electricity consumption. All generated electricity will be used for self-consumption, including to support the company’s production processes.

The total project investment is more than EUR 210 500 (including VAT), including 30% of the total project cost, excluding VAT, provided by ALTUM.