Custom Metal Solutions & Production of Metal Cabinets

At AE Partner we are specialized in creating custom designed Electrical Cabinets, Containers, E-houses as well as Standard Cabinets.

Detailed Precision and Innovative Approach

At AE Partner we understand our customers’ needs for innovative and customized solutions. As the result, we offer production of metal cabinets as well as specific items, which are always designed and manufactured according to our customers’ requirements.

By combining the 3-D technology with our fully automated work centre we offer serial production, where each component is identical. This solution not only enhances our efficiency but also ensures high precision and professional results.

Electrical & Standard Cabinets, E-houses and Containers

We manufacture a wide range of metal components as well as final products, such as electrical and standard cabinets, e-houses and electrical containers.

Our products are characterized by durability and resistance to thermal and mechanical factors, which has been acknowledged by our clients.

We ensure that our products meet quality norms of international standards and provide our clients with maximum satisfaction.

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