Makss Yourney - AE Partner

My AE Partner story – Makss

To find a job with a pleasant environment and growth opportunities, you need to give up doubts and have the courage to start something new. You can even try your hand at a new profession. Makss took this step two and a half years ago when he turned from an artistic ceramic designer to an electrical assembler. Makss is currently the Assembling Team Coordinator. Here is what he says about growth and potential colleagues:

“The previous job had no opportunities for growth or a healthy work environment, so I decided to look for a job that could provide these very important factors for me.

I sent my CV to AE Partner with the thought of trying something new.

At first, it was hard to believe how open and responsive my new colleagues are, how well organized the system is, how clean everything is.

I had never encountered such a high culture and, to be honest, I did not even know that there are companies of this level in Latvia.

At first, I worked as an electrical assembler, looking for development opportunities in this position, but I realized that I am ready to take on more responsibilities over time. So, I applied for an internal vacancy and became the Assembling Team Coordinator in the newly formed group. My future goals are ambitious. I have just started my way in my new position, but I am sure that these goals will be achieved with the help of the AE Partner team!

I would definitely recommend sending a CV to those who are looking for a stable job with a great team, a pleasant work environment and a variety of growth opportunities. For people who are open, communicative, curious, purposeful and not afraid to challenge themselves, all the doors in this company are open.”