Our colleagues: Ivo Lukaševičs

It has been two years since logistics specialist Ivo Lukaševičs is part of our logistics team. With his unique humor and tireless joy of life, Ivo complements the Outbound team. 

What is your AE Partner story? 

Returning to my hometown, after a long absence abroad, I concluded that Liepāja had changed a lot. One wonderful summer morning, cycling through the city, driving across the canal bridge, my eyes dazzled – the reflection of the sun’s rays and the calm lake on the glazed facades fascinated me. “Wow”! It must be great to work in such a fabulous workplace. I want to work there too”. When I found out that the company “AE Partner”, which is occupied in electrical panels production, has found a home here, I thought – it is a pity that I am not an electrician or mechatronics specialist. 

As time went on and looking for a new challenge in life, the news was that SIA “AE Partner” is looking for a logistics employee. 

Be careful with your wishes, express them wisely, because dreams come true – to be on the sunny side of the day. That’s how I got here. When I came to the interview, the first thing I saw was a tidy and clean environment. Lively staff. Once you have gained experience in companies in Liepaja, Latvia and abroad, you can see that there is a company that meets European standards, which can be proud of a green-minded environment, that the company is prone to development, growth, visibility and employee well-being.  

Where do you find inspiration and motivation to come to work? 

There have always been positive, lifestyle and happy people around. It is also its motivation to find pleasure in itself and to give to others. Not easy. Sometimes you have to enjoy bitter household coffee, but we know that sweeteners make more fun. Those around you are the ones who, help to stay and move forward. Because of such moments, it is worth living. 

Well, packing, we have a fun, but very serious, goal-oriented team. Through the labyrinths of controversy and jokes, every Wednesday and Friday, both Phoenix is ​​reborn to dedicate himself – to sending goods or simply – to work. With all the running, packing, loading, pulling, stretching, we find time for a joke that is born from an incorrectly heard word or sentence or partially heard song lyrics. If you hide – don’t hide, you will be found in DenmarkIt’s beautiful to be crazy, but only the crazy people know it. 

What is your motto in life? 

Ever since I was a student, I had a Soviet-era poster in my dormitory room – “You don’t have to fight for cleanliness, you have to sweep!”
Isn’t it easy? Adaptable to any life situation. We just get up, we don’t talk, but we do! Move forward! 

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a hobby? 

I have always been a man of action. Family, movement, activities, humor, joy of life. Well, for three years, we have been trying to clean up a small rural property. We try to be green. If the company is green, then I am also green as a playground pointed in life. 

Is there anything you would like to tell others? 

I tell my colleagues – be timely! In the most real sense of the word.
Timely – be punctual, keep your promises, be on /in time and space.
Timely in terms of education – keep up with the times with technology, be with contemporary people you can learn, gain knowledge, and develop. And good health to us all!