Panels designed for marine industry with the best possible quality, thought through, efficient and reliable

Full cycle of the project is handled by us, from layout design till Marine Class Test

Quality, quality, quality, reliable materials, marine approved components, and quality.   

When in 2005 we started to work with panels designed for marine, the first thing we did we started research of what we need and where to start from – marine approved cable ducts, appropriate cables and wires, excellent overall resistance against vibrations, tin coating, marine approved components, special colors, and paints, etc., and the exceptional quality of a finished product. Especially important is to take and pass the Class Test for marine purpose projects. It is crucial that in the sea everything is working at all times. There is no room for error.  

But we did not fear the unfamiliar. We learned, found the best possible suppliers, trained employees, studied standards, fulfilled certifications, and learned to turn the unknown into a standard procedure for AE Partner.   

Now we have 25 years of experience in all kinds of panel building, and we continuously keep searching and implementing marine industry novelties. We even use our gained experience to level up other product quality. No matter shore or offshore purpose panels are made, they are made with the best possible quality, thought through, efficient and reliable.   

As clients each have different requirements, prototypes and specifications, our produced panels are varying.   

Some clients come to us with 100% ready panels and assign us to manufacture a 1:1 exact copy for their projects. They turn to us for mounting quality. Others come to us with a request to start a panel project with a design. Some marine purposed panels are for use on ships and vessels, some for offshore wind farms or oil platforms. All of which are facing the harsh sea and ocean climate – wind, water, salt, temperature lows, and highs.   

Why should You entrust your panel production to AE Partner? Because we ensure – full cycle of the project is handled by us, from layout design till Marine Class Test. This does not only apply to marine customer panels but absolutely to all of our customer panels and projects. 

Our experience helps to provide our panels and automation systems for customers in more than 45 countries all over the world. Customers use our products in the manufacturing and industries from food processing to the marine.