Charity action “JAR” 2019

All of the AE Partner team’s good intentions combined in one good work, and we gave the medical equipment to Liepāja hospital.

Our whole year’s goodwill is in good and experienced hands now. As usual, AE Partner’s delegates met Gundega Blizņeca, the head nurse of the Children’s Unit in the Liepāja Hospital. She told that every device like this is crucial to make little patients stay at hospital easier. That’s because it’s relatively small and thus more comfortable. They definitely will make the medics’ work easier as well. Our last year’s present was the oxygen concentrator. We’re happy that it helps little kid to be at home with the closest people instead of spending time in a hospital room.

AE Partner’s project manager Andrejs Naumičs also came to the hospital to give the oximeters. His family recently had a happy event – the twin girls’ birth. He is one of the people who know how important availability of such devices is and how much they help the parents to feel safe for their little ones.

2018 was the sixth year when we filled our charity Jar with donations in different actions. We also learned to take care every day.

At the end of the year were the two last events for the Jar in 2018: “Feed the Jar” and “The tool for the donation”. Until then we had enough for one device. After those events, we doubled the donated amount and could buy two Vital functions monitors. Besides the measurement of the oxygen levels in the blood, it also counts pulse and measures temperature. All the measurements can be done to the infants and little kids as well as for them who are already in the size of grown-ups – Children Unit’s patients are up to 18 years old.

The good works multiply good things. We say thanks to our team that is active and socially responsible! Also, thanks to “Heaco Medical Technology” whose forthcoming allowed to gift two pulse oximeter devices.

There is no such thing as small or unworthy works. Everything matters and that what we can give to others is most important. The Jar is empty now, but we will take care to fill it again this year!