Growth continues in AE Partner – New production facility

We in AE Partner have always focused on our vision to create a strong connection between the organization and partners. We are on an exciting journey and have now more than 400 colleagues in Latvia and Denmark.

We want to add value and offer more than just a supply and our customers seems to appreciate that. To support our growth, we have opened a new production facility very close to the existing factory. This new production facility will serve our growing partner base at AE Partner, while still maintaining our company’s strategy for a healthy production environment & production methodology based on Lean principle.

Having the best team is one of company’s missions. Through close dialogue between our customers and AE Partner, we are optimizing all functions from order to delivery. We create products that are developed and designed for every client individually and we strongly emphasize the importance of cooperation.

AE Partner cooperates with clients from more than 45 countries all around the globe. Individually made and variously usable product isn’t tomorrows dream – it’s today’s reality. AE Partner knows that success doesn’t come out of a thin air, it’s the result of a combined effort to create and sell products, which are competitive in the global market – distribution panels, MCC panels, PLC panels and other electric and automation devices. 

We already can do much, we will do more, and we are ready to prove that to our existing, new and future partners!