AE Partner has started automation processes for wire preparation

The world is constantly evolving in both the digitization and automation of processes to facilitate and improve the quality of human life. AE Partner has started automation processes for wire preparation, having the highest degree of automation to replace the manual workload and expanding our production volumes. 

Earlier this year, two new Komax automated wire preparation machines were installed at the AE Partner plant. Their main functions are cutting the wires to a certain length, peeling the wires, printing markings, stripping, and crimping ferrules. 

With this equipment, it will be possible to prepare more wire sets for serial products and unique projects. 

We are looking forward to future projects with pleasant excitement. 

Great company’s cornerstones are the way how we do our work


Our experience helps to provide our panels and automation systems for customers in more than 45 countries all over the world. Customers use our products in the manufacturing and industries from food processing to the marine. 

We provide everything from our side to be safe

We provide everything from our side to be safe

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